MBA Program

A World Class MBA in Japan

  • We challenge our students at every step

    We challenge our students at every step

    Our curriculum is comprised of numerous special programs such as our Strategy Simulation Week where real world experience takes center stage

  • Flexible and Focused

    Flexible and Focused

    Our intensive one-year program is best suited for company-sponsored applicants whereas our two-year program offers a “custom-built” second year curriculum

  • We consistently use teamwork to create better synergies

    We consistently use teamwork to create better synergies

    Values, work practices, expectations, and incentives vary across cultures, and we are committed to helping our students manage these differences

  • We are honored to host many top business leaders

    We are honored to host many top business leaders

    Guest speakers range from professors from universities such as the Harvard Business School to the CEOs of many of the world's leading companies

  • Mentors for Life

    Mentors for Life

    Within our unique seminar system faculty members serve as overall academic advisers to up to four students.

The Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy (ICS) offers students the opportunity to earn an MBA degree in International Business Strategy at Hitotsubashi University. In order to meet the requirements of an MBA degree, students must take a minimum of 66 credits during the First Year. Applicants for the MBA Program in International Business Strategy will be able to select from two options, both of which offer the MBA degree.

The first option is the 1-year Program. In the past, this option was available only to company-sponsored applicants and to special applicants under the Young Leaders' Program (YLP) scholarship, but is now open to ALL students. The second option is the 2-year Program that continues to be open to all applicants (non company-sponsored and company-sponsored) EXCEPT for YLP applicants. Applicants must choose between the two options at the time of application. Once applicants are accepted into either one of the two programs, they cannot switch to the other program.

The selection criteria for admission is identical for both options since all students are integrated completely in the first year, follow the same academic calendar, and must meet the same academic requirements. All students experience a very intensive curriculum in the first year (several students in the past have noted humorously that the name of our graduate school, ICS, means, “I Can’t Sleep!”). The sharing of this common experience establishes a strong cohort network among all 1-year and 2-year students that they can take with them far beyond their graduation.

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