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Discover Japan

Discover Japan through the Hitotsubashi ICS international exchange program

About the Program

As part of our Best of Two Worlds philosophy, the Hitotsubashi ICS exchange program offers students the opportunity to experience business education in a different academic environment, and to learn about and live in a different culture.

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Course Offerings

Hitotsubashi ICS offers a range of business courses on a broad range of topics. 100% of classes are taught in English. Our students study Michael Porter on strategy, but also read about Zen Buddhism. They analyze cases featuring leading multinational firms and new and innovative Japanese firms. By virtue of its diverse student base and study of both Eastern and Western management philosophies, ICS combines the “Best of Two Worlds.” Our current course offerings tentatively include:

    Term 1 (Fall)
  • Organizational Behaviour (4 credit)
  • Knowledge Theory (2 credit)
  • Marketing (4 credit)
  • Accounting (4 credit)
  • Quantitative Business Analysis (2 credit)
  • Operations Management (2 credit)
  • Japanese Culture (2 credit)
  • Financial Reporting (2 credit)
  • Intensive Writing (2 credit)
  • Japanese Language I (1 credit)
    Term 2 (Winter)
  • Strategy (4 credit)
  • Corporate Finance (4 credit)
  • Japanese Business & Economy (2 credit)
  • Business, Government & International Economy (2 credit)
  • Entrepreneurial Business Planning (2 credit)
  • Problem Solving (2 credit)
  • Knowledge Management (2 credit)
  • Competitiveness & Clusters (2 credit)
  • Human Resource Management (2 credit)
  • Customer Behavior (2 credit)
  • Topics in Operation I (2 credit)
  • Japanese Language II (2 credit)
  • Global Network Week (2 credit)
  • Field Study (2 credit)
    Term 3 (Spring)
  • Business Ethics (2 credit)
  • Service Management (2 credit)
  • Global Citizenship (2 credit)
  • International Business (2 credit)
  • Organizations in Emerging Markets (2 credit)
  • Control (2 credit)
  • Marketing Research & Analysis (2 credit)
  • Applied Corporate Finance (2 credit)
  • Dynamic Competitive Strategy (2 credit)
  • Executive Coaching (2 credit)
  • Management of Energy Business (2 credit)
  • Negotiation (2 credit)
  • Japanese Language III (2 credit)
    Term 4 (Summer)
  • Strategy Simulation Week (2 credit)
  • Knowledge Week (2 credit)
  • Company & Equity Analysis (2 credit)
  • Topics in Marketing I (2 credit)
  • Microeconomics for Managers (2 credit)
  • Brand Strategy & Design (2 credit)
  • Knowledge Generation (2 credit)
  • Strategy in Emerging Markets (2 credit)
  • Topics in Finance I (2 credit)
  • Venture Capital (2 credit)
  • Doing Business in Asia (2 credit)
  • Independent Research (2 credit)
  • Japanese Language IV (2 credit)

Academic Style

Class Format
Case studies, discussions, simulation exercises, group projects, business plans, site visits, lectures, team building exercises during the pre-enrollment program, etc.

Atendance and Class Participation
Regular, on-time class attendance is required, and active class participation is usually part of each student’s final grade.

Course Enrollment and Grading
A. Exchange students to ICS may enroll in both required and elective courses. Exchange students are required to take a minimum of three courses.
B. Exchange students to ICS will be graded on a Pass/Non-Pass basis for all courses.


ICS guest rooms (single rooms only) will be available for exchange students on campus. The monthly rate will be about 60,000 yen (approx. $660), including utilities. It is a fully equipped individual room with toilet/bath. It includes bed, desk, chair, TV, refrigerator, closet, etc. Kitchen and laundry will be shared. If an exchange student is accompanied by their family, they must find accommodations off-campus on their own, which is not advisable. This is because 1) an apartment in Tokyo is very expensive (monthly rent is over 130,000 yen or around $1,440 for unfurnished, and over 150,000 yen or around $1,660 for furnished; and 2) it is very difficult to find an apartment for short-stay visitors and non-Japanese. Therefore, we strongly recommend that exchange students come here alone.


Health insurance is compulsory. All exchange students who will be staying in Japan for more than 90 days must join Japan’s National Health Insurance after arriving in Japan. Those who will be staying less than 90 days, must sign up for travel insurance before coming to Japan.